FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS: PLEASE READ. This is way more serious and upsetting than I initially understood. A company called Kinder-Morgan, which is the third largest energy company in North America (i.e. VERY RICH, POWERFUL, AND SHITTY) wants to pipe natural gas through the entire state of Massachusetts as well as several other Northeastern states…and then tax them on it! This proposed pipeline’s route would go directly through my parents’ yard, effectively devastating everything they’ve worked their entire lives for. It will affect over 45 towns in the state of Massachusetts alone. We are all SO INCREDIBLY SAD about this and need all the help and support we can get. If the pipeline does get built it would have dire consequences for everyone and every living thing in the area including serious widespread pollution of land and aquifers used for drinking water, the desecration of many conservation areas, the constant possibility of explosion and the ruining of lives. My parents would lose everything. I’m begging, if you have friends or family in the Northeast, PLEASE SHARE, SIGN THE PETITION, do ANYTHING you can to get the word out because a lot of people still have no idea that this is happening. WRITE letters and emails to Deval Patrick, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and Niki Tsongas and explain your disdain. Thanks for reading.

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